Lunch at The Cottage

The menu starts with olives & salted almonds


Smoked trout, celeriac & oscietra caviar

The Cottage´s signature tartare

Fried turbot, chanterelle & smoked bacon

Roasted guinea fowl, beetroot & cherries

Blackberry sorbet, lemon thyme & almond cake

3 Frenche cheeses served with jam & crispy bread


Snacks, 3 courses & petit four 600DKK

Snacks, 4 courses & petit four 750DKK

Snacks, 5 courses & petit four 900DKK

Cottage's caviar from Rogn

The Cottage caviar is served with onions, creme fraiche & grilled bread

15 gr. White sturgeon 400DKK

30 gr. White sturgeon 750DKK

15 gr. Oscietra 600DKK

30 gr. Oscietra 1050DKK

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