Cottage at home

An unforgettable evening in a private setting.

The Cottage at home is our offer for those of you who want to invite guests to your home, but avoid standing in the kitchen all night.

We love to pack the car and drive out, and we provide chefs, plates and service, so you don’t have to do anything – just be a minimum of 6 guest.

Pick up, we have prepared the entire menu so it is easy to handle. A cooking guide is also included.

The Cottege at home, an exclusive and gastronomic experience consists of 4 snacks, 4 course menu and petit four. Our chefs prepare and present the menu at the table. Our focus is on the relaxed atmosphere that we believe should exist in “home”

The Cottege at home Prestige, we have found the best produce. There will be caviar, lobster and truffles. The menu consists of 4 snacks, 4 course menu and petit four.


Cottage wine menu 900,- per person
Includes champagne and 4 wines selected by our sommelier.

Cottage wine menu Prestige 1900,- per person
Our Prestige wine menu includes champagne and 4 wines. Our sommelier have been a trip to our cellar and found the absolute best wines to match the menu.

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