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Thank you for choosing the Red Cottage, we are looking forward to welcoming you.
Please read this before booking

Booking for 1-5 guest

Thank you for choosing The Red Cottage.
For 6 guest and more, please contact us on email or phone

We often find that more guests want to dine at us than we have tables for. Kindly contact us, as fast as possible, if you know you aren’t able to dine on the chosen day.

Please be aware that in some cases we may well accommodate you on fully booked days. Please call or email us.
Cancellation rules here

Please read this before booking

Booking for 10+ guest

Our Private dining room from 10 guest to 28 guest
Please contact our booking team to find out what we can offer.

TELEPHONE: +45 31 90 46 14

E-MAIL: info@denroedecottage.dk

ADDRESS: Strandvejen 550, 2930 Klampenborg

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